Welcome to Pulvy Boutique Eye Brow Threading Salon
We do FACIAL & WAXING (at location 1 only)
Welcome to Pulvy Boutique Salon! The eyebrow ThreadingSalon providing quality services in San Jose! The one place which revitalizes and refreshes you from within!
Pulvy Boutique Salon, in Bay Area, San Jose, CA is one of the most popular beauty salon in the bay area! We provide a number of beauty solutions, exclusively for women.
So come, calm your senses and get rid of all your tensions in one of the most wonderful way. Give your skin a beauty look with our facial service.
Pulvy Boutique Salon provides a variety of salon services, including everything from eyebrow threading, waxing, facials. While there are many beauty salons in Santa Clara and around the Bay Our results are consistent, and our reputation as the eyebrow threading experts comes straight from the individual successes we achieve with each and every customer.